• Serpent SRX8 GTE LWB '23 1/8 4wd EP (SER600071)

The SRX8GTE LWB ‘23 is our most advanced electric GTE to date. The SRX8GTE LWB ‘23 shares many new features from our recently released and highly evolved SRX8GT ‘23 nitro version. The SRX8GTE LWB ‘23 shares design details, components from every evolution of SRX8 whether be on-road or off-road version, along with new ones never seen before on any previous model. Since the beginning of the 1/8th GT Electric category, Serpent has stood strong with class leading technology, designs and the absolute performance on the track. On the new SRX8GTE LWB ‘23 model we have extended the chassis an additional 29mm for use with all true to scale related RC Bodies. This places the wheel base at 259mm +/- 2.5mm.

Serpent SRX8 GTE LWB '23 1/8 4wd EP (SER600071)

  • Brand: Serpent
  • Product Code: SER-600071
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